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Standard Skip
The company manufactures many variations of this particular design and size of bin. This skip is manufactured from 4.5 mm thick material and is constructed in such a manner that all the edges overlap each other in a way that locks the whole bin together. As you can see from the manufacturing page the floor has been pressed into an IBR form similar in design to that used on roof sheeting, giving high strength and keeping the weight of the product to a minimum. You can also see that the front & back of the bins are tapered thus allowing them to be stacked for ease of transport. Due to many companies using both REL skips along with standard skips most companies have now opted to consolidate and use only 5.5 cubic meter skips. This enables the stacking of both standard skips along with REL skips. The lifting lugs on the sides of the bin are forged from solid bar making this stronger and more durable in the environment it is intended for. These skips can be altered to customer specifications, for example lids with lockable doors can be added, the bin can be fully welded for wet waste etc.

Click to [here] view the dimension diagram.

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